M Johne Boswell v James Logane: SCS 1 Dec 1522

All tutoris, als weill testamentaris as utheris, and all curatouris, aucht and sould at the end and ische of thair office and administratioun, give and mak befoir ane Judge ordinar, just reckoning, compleit satisfactioun and payment to him to quhome thay war tutoris or curatoris, and to sum of his speciall freindis, of all and sindrie gudis, geir, maillis, grassummis, annuelrentis, bandis, sowmis of money, insight gudis, bairnis part of geir, and airschip guidis, with all and sindrie commoditeis and proffeitis thairof, and utheris pertening to him, and intromettit with, tane up and ressavit be thame, as tutoris or curatoris, of all zeiris and termis, dayis and times of thair administratioun and office; and to that effect the time that thay ar constitute tutoris or curatoris, thay aucht and sould find caution for just administration, induring the time of thair office, and for just count and reckoning in manner foirsaid.

[1522] Mor 16215


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