Luksan v Van Der Let (Intellectual Property) French Text: ECJ 6 Sep 2011

ECJ Directive 93/83/EEC – Directive 2006/116/EC, Directive 2001/29/EC – Directive 2005/115/EC – Copyright of the principal director of a film – Allocation of exclusive exploitation rights to the producer Film – Conditions – Article 14bis of the Berne Convention – Article 17 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union – Equitable remuneration of the author – Article 5, paragraph 2 b) of Directive 2001/29/EC – Rights to pay for copies for private use – Fair compensation
C-277/10, [2011] EUECJ C-277/10
Directive 93/83/EEC, Directive 2006/116/EC, Directive 2001/29/EC, Directive 2005/115/EC
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ECJ Reference for a preliminary ruling – Approximation of laws – Intellectual property – Copyright and related rights – Directives 93/83/EEC, 2001/29/EC, 2006/115/EC and 2006/116/EC – Sharing of the rights to . .

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