London Borough of Southwark and Another v Transport for London: SC 5 Dec 2018

Question as to the meaning of the GLA Roads and Side Roads (Transfer of Property etc) Order 2000. When the highway was transferred was only the working surfaces, the road surface and the airspace and subsoil necessary for the operation, maintenance and repair of the road , or the full extent of the land; all the airspace above and the subsoil below the surface of the road.
Held: The appeal was allowed. The land transferred was not the narrower definition.
‘Highway’ has no single meaning, but by default the wider meaning was to be used.
article 2(1)(a) transfers to TfL ownership of all that part of the vertical plane relating to a GLA road vested in the relevant council on the operative date, but only to the extent that ownership was then vested in the council in its capacity as former highway authority. That is, in my view, the true meaning of the phrase ‘the highway, in so far as it is vested in the former highway authority’. It follows that:
i) rights held by the Councils in the vertical plane of a highway as adjoining owner, for purposes other than highway purposes, do not pass under article 2(1)(a). This is because they are not held by the Council in its capacity as highway authority.
ii) rights originally acquired for purposes other than highway purposes, or appropriated to those other purposes by the operative date, do not pass under article 2(1)(a). This is so whether or not some non-highway structure has by then been constructed. If acquisition or appropriation for non-highway purposes has occurred by the operative date, it matters not that the relevant purpose has yet to be fulfilled, so that the relevant part of the vertical plane remains undeveloped.
iii) rights originally acquired for highway purposes in the vertical plane, for example by conveyance on compulsory acquisition for highway purposes, do pass under article 2(1)(a), even if they extend beyond the zone of ordinary use, provided that they have not, by the operative date, been appropriated to some non-highway use outside the zone of ordinary use.
iv) All these consequences, and in particular the first, flow from the true construction of article 2, rather than merely by way of TfL’s concession as recorded by Mann J.

Lady Hale, President, Lord Reed, Deputy President, Lord Carnwath, Lord Lloyd-Jones, Lord Briggs
[2018] UKSC 63, [2019] 1 P and CR 14, [2019] RVR 49, [2018] 3 WLR 2059, [2019] PTSR 1, [2019] 2 All ER 271, UKSC 2017/0160
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GLA Roads and Side Roads (Transfer of Property etc) Order 2000
England and Wales
Appeal fromLondon Borough of Southwark and Another v Transport for London CA 4-Aug-2017
The Land of a roadway was to be transferred to TFL. The parties disputed whether there would be transferred the areas adjacent to the surface, or whether it should be the full depth of the earth and to the skies. . .
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