Liverpool City Council (Decision Notice): ICO 23 Jan 2014

The complainant has requested information about Local Housing Allowance claims in the Liverpool City area. Liverpool City Council has refused to provide the information, relying on section 12(1) of the FOIA. The Commissioner’s decision is that the council has correctly relied on section 12(1) of the FOIA to refuse the request but has breached section 16(1) of the FOIA by not offering advice and assistance to the complainant as to how his request could have been refined to bring it within the cost limit. The Commissioner requires the public authority to advise and assist the complainant with a view to refining the request to bring it within the cost limit.
Section of Act/EIR and Finding: FOI 12 – Complaint Not upheld, FOI 16 – Complaint Upheld


[2014] UKICO FS50505987




England and Wales


Updated: 05 August 2022; Ref: scu.527368