Lex Services plc v Her Majesty’s Commissioners of Customs and Excise: HL 4 Dec 2003

References: [2003] UKHL 67, Gazette 22-Jan-2004, [2004] STC 73
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Coram: Lord Nicholls of Birkenhead, Lord Steyn, Lord Hoffmann, Lord Millett, Lord Walker of Gestingthorpe
When taking a car in part exchange, the company would initially offer the correct market value. If the customer wanted, the company would agree a higher price. When cars were returned, the company at first reclaimed the VAT on the re-purchase price, but then submitted a rebate claim based upon the market value, the ‘non-monetary consideration’, which was a ‘subjective value’, in this case the value which the parties had expressly adoptd adopted to the goods on th first sale. The value of a part-exchange car was to be taken to be the full part-exchange price as agreed and not ‘true value’. That latter value served only to limit any possible refund. The part-exchange price could not properly be characterised as part of a discount on the price of the replacement car. Appeal dismissed
Statutes: Sixth Directive (77/388/EEC)
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    The taxpayer took cars in part exchange on the sale of new cars. If the car was returned, the real value of the part exchange car was refunded. The taxpayer sought to be taxed on the real value of the car.
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  • Cited – Revenue and Customs -v- Debenhams Retail Plc CA (Bailii, [2005] EWCA Civ 892, Times 26-Jul-05)
    The store introduced a system whereby when a customer paid by credit card, the charges made to them for card handling were expressed as a separate amount on the receipt. The store then said that VAT was payable only on the net amount allocated to . .

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