L’Estrange v F Graucob Limited: CA 1934

The company’s order form contained a clause providing them with complete exemption from liability: ‘Any express or implied, condition, statement of warranty, statutory or otherwise is expressly excluded’.
Held: If a party signs a written contract incorporating standard terms, the party is on its face bound by those terms. That he did not carefully read the contract, did not take advantage of substitution and did not notice others doing it, does not diminish the genuineness of the right, or the potency of his signature.
Scrutton LJ said: ‘When a document containing contractual terms is signed, then, in the absence of fraud, or, I will add, misrepresentation, the party signing it is bound, and it is wholly immaterial whether he has read the document or not.’


Scrutton LJ


[1934] 2 KB 394, [1934] All ER 16


England and Wales

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