Legal Services Commission v Rasool: CA 5 Mar 2008

The defendant had in 1993 obtained legal aid. Work was done but the certificate was then revoked. The Commission sought repayment of the sums paid on account to his solicitors. He replied that the claim was out of time. The Commission argued that time did not run until the sum was fixed.
Held: The Commission’s appeal failed: ‘the fact that declaratory relief is available demonstrates to me that the process of ascertainment of the amount of costs is a mere procedural requirement, not an inherent element of the cause of action itself . . time runs from the date of the completion of work not from the date of taxation. I can see no reason why a similar rule should not apply by way of analogy so that the only facts to be proved to establish cause of action under regulation 86(1) are that work had been done under a certificate but that the certificate had been revoked. Taxation should not be the crystallising event in either case.’


Lord Justice Ward, Lady Justice Smith and Lord Justice Wilson


[2008] EWCA Civ 154, Times 21-Apr-2008, [2008] 3 All ER 381, [2008] 4 Costs LR 529, [2008] 1 WLR 2711, (2008) 158 NLJ 414




Civil Legal Aid (General) Regulations (SI 1989 No 339), Limitation Act 1980 9


England and Wales


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CitedLegal Services Commission v Henthorn CA 30-Nov-2011
The Commission sought to recover what it said were payments made on account to the respondent barrister, but only after many years had passed. The Commission argued that time only began to run once it requested repayment.
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