Lefebvre Frere and Soeur v Commission: ECJ 14 Feb 1989

A Commission decision, adopted pursuant to the first paragraph of Article 115 of the Treaty, addressed to a Member State and authorizing that State in future to exclude from Community treatment for a specified period bananas originating in certain non-member countries and released into free circulation in the other Member States, is, with regard to all banana importers, a measure of general application which applies to situations determined objectively and has legal effects with regard to categories of persons referred to in a general and abstract manner.
It is not therefore of individual concern, within the meaning of the second paragraph of Article 173 of the Treaty, to a banana-importing undertaking, even if that undertaking had been prohibited on several occasions by the authorities of the Member State concerned from importing bananas and had complained of its difficulties to the national courts and the Commission.
Firstly, no application for an import licence lodged by that undertaking was still pending when the decision was adopted and, secondly, a measure does not cease to be a regulation because it is possible to determine the number or even the identity of the persons to whom it applies at any given time as long as it is established that such application takes effect by virtue of an objective legal or factual situation.


C-206/87, [1989] EUECJ C-206/87





Agriculture, Customs and Excise

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