Lavaine Margaret Archer v Michael Eden, Halifax Plc: LRA 24 Jan 2007

LRA Deeds : Execution – ALTERATION OF THE REGISTER – FORGERY – validity of TR1 transfer deed challenged on 3 grounds – firstly, because deed not properly attested – secondly, because Applicant’s signature allegedly forged on TR1 – thirdly, on basis of misrepresentation making transaction voidable – held that TR1 void because Applicant’s signature had been forged and deed would have been invalidated in any event by absence of proper attestation, but that improper attestation not necessarily enough to defeat transaction – Chief Land Registrar ordered to give effect to the application – mortgagee’s application for recital relating to alleged subrogation refused.
Cases referred to:-
Shah v Shah [2002] QB 35
Biggar v London Borough of Havering [2001] EWCA Civ 411

[2007] EWLandRA 2005 – 1551
England and Wales

Registered Land

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