Lady Navigation Inc v Lauritzencool Ab and Another: CA 17 May 2005

The shipowner appealed the award against them of an injunction requiring them not to act inconsistently with a time charterparty. The company said that such a form of order was improper.
Held: The existence of the contract to do what was required did not prevent an injunction being granted to achieve the same result. Scaptrade was authority for the proposition that specific performance would not be ordered in respect of a time charterparty. However the relief appealed against was jurisdictionally different. Though a time charterparty was seen as a contract for services, there was no principle to exclude negative injunctive relief to prevent activity inconsistent with the terms: ‘neither the fact that the contracts involved were for services in the form of a time charter nor the existence under such contracts of a fiduciary relationship of mutual trust and confidence represents in law any necessary or general objection in principle to the grant of injunctive relief precluding the appellants from employing their vessels outside the pool pending the outcome of the current arbitration. Nor does it afford any such objection to the grant of such relief that the only realistic commercial course which it left to the appellants was, as I am prepared to assume, to do what they have done, namely to continue to provide the vessels to the pool and to perform the charters. In my judgment, therefore, the present appeal by each appellant should be dismissed. ‘


Judge, Manse, Thomas LJJ


[2005] EWCA Civ 579, Times 26-May-2005




England and Wales


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