KK (Recognition Elsewhere As Refugee) Democratic Republic of Congo: IAT 25 Feb 2005

Ouseley J P said: ‘As I have noted, independent documentary evidence regarding the procedures used to issue the appellant the refugee certificate in Iraq and refugee status in Turkey by the UNHCR was not before me, nor evidence regarding on what basis the appellant applied for this status and on which it was granted. The appellant’s evidence was most vague. Therefore, whilst the granting of refugee status to the appellant should be regarded as a starting point, it is not necessarily a very strong one, on its own, without any helpful evidence as to the basis and procedures for the previous grant. I, however, do bear in mind that it is a starting point, that it is significant and that whilst considering the substantive merits of the case, the most clear and substantial grounds, if they exist, must be provided for coming to a different conclusion’
. . And ‘The earlier grant of asylum is not binding, but it is the appropriate starting point for the consideration of the claim; the grant is a very significant matter. There should be some certainty and stability in the position of refugees. The adjudicator must consider whether there are the most clear and substantial grounds for coming to a different conclusion. The adjudicator must be satisfied that the decision was wrong. The language of Babela is that of the burden of proof: their status is prima facie made out but it can be rebutted; the burden of proof in so doing is on the Secretary of State. We do not think that that is entirely satisfactory as a way of expressing it and it leaves uncertain to what standard the burden has to be discharged and what he has to disprove. The same effect without some of the legal difficulties is established by the language which we have used.’
Ouseley J P
[2005] UKIAT 00054
Cited by:
CitedIA (Iran) v The Secretary of State for The Home Department (Scotland) SC 29-Jan-2014
The appellant Iranian challenged refusal of his claim for asylum. He had been granted refugee status in Iraq and in Turkey by the United Nations commission, but on arrival in the UK, his asylum claim had been rejected on the basis of the credibility . .

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