Kilby v Basildon District Council: Admn 26 Jul 2006

Tenants complained that the authority landlord had purported to vary a clause in his secure tenancy agreement which gave certain management rights to tenants.
Held: The powers to let on secure tenancies were governed by statute. The clause which was removed was an unlawful fetter on the authorty’s powers and duties. As such the court would not hear a complaint as to its being removed.
McCombe J
[2006] EWHC 1892 (Admin), Times 21-Aug-2006
Housing Act 1985 105
England and Wales
CitedGardner v London Chatham and Dover Railway Co (No 1) 1867
When Parliament expressly confers powers and imposes duties and responsibilities of an important kind upon a particular body, it is, as he put it, improper for the court by the appointment of a manager . . . itself to assume those powers and duties. . .
CitedAyr Harbour Trustees v Oswald 1883
The appellant trustees could not competently preclude themselves from exercising their powers under the Ayr Harbour Act in respect of certain land acquired by them for the purposes of that statute bearing in mind that their discretionary powers were . .
CitedBirkdale District Electric Supply Co. Ltd v The Corporation of Southport 1926
The appellants, having bound themselves not to exercise their discretion in the raising of electricity prices, were held not to have incompetently fettered their discretion, bearing in mind the commercial purposes for which the discretion was . .
CitedCredit Suisse v Allerdale Borough Council CA 20-May-1996
Builder’s Guarantee Ultra Vires LA
The council set out to provide a swimming pool using powers under s.19 of the 1976 Act. Purporting to use powers under s.111 of the 1972 Act, it set up a company to develop a site by building a leisure pool and time-share units, with a view to . .
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. .
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Application for leave to appeal. The council had introduced a parking scheme for its housing estates. The resident challenged its validity saying it had been introduced by council resolution not by byelaw. Leave granted . .
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The authority agreed to sell part of a housing estate. It proposed to enter into restrictive covenants for the retained parts of the estate to prevent the letting of any vacant flat except by way of a long lease at a premium. The decision was . .
CitedCredit Suisse and Another v Waltham Forest London Borough Council CA 20-May-1996
Parliament had made detailed provision in a number of Acts for the discharge of the housing duties by local authorities. These detailed provisions did not contain a power to give a guarantee in connection with a bank loan to a company which the . .
CitedRegina v London Borough of Brent, ex parte Blatt QBD 1991
The applicant was the respondent’s secure tenant. The respondent decided to change its tenancy agreement, by including a list of items of repair for which it would be responsible and a procedure by which it could vary the terms of the agreement. In . .
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. .
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Devlin LJ said: ‘For example, a man selling a part of his land might object to a refreshment pavilion on his boundary. Provided that the erection of a refreshment pavilion on that spot was not essential to the use of the land as a pleasure ground, . .

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