Keele University (Education): ICO 18 Sep 2020

The complainant has requested from Keele University (the ‘university’) the correspondence between Professor Clifford Stott and the Independent Police Complaints Council (‘IPCC’) in Hong Kong during a period of four months in 2019. The university refused to provide the requested information, citing sections 36, 41 and 22(A). During the Commissioner’s investigation the university disclosed some information to the complainant with the redaction of certain personal information under section 40(2). It also cited sections 27, 38 and 43 as additional exemptions in respect of the remaining information it was continuing to withhold. The Commissioner’s decision is that the university has appropriately applied both section 36 and section 40(2) to the requested information.
FOI 10: Complaint upheld FOI 40: Complaint not upheld FOI 36: Complaint not upheld


[2020] UKICO IC-39071-T0L9




England and Wales


Updated: 03 August 2022; Ref: scu.656059