Kay, Gorman, etc v London Borough of Lambeth, London and Quadrant Housing Trust: CA 20 Jul 2004

The defendant local authority had licenced houses to a housing trust, which in turn granted sub-licences to the claimants who were applicants for housing under homelessness provisions, and who now asserted that they became secure tenants of the authority once the trusts licence was revoked.
Held: The properties were short life properties, being scheduled for eventual demolition. The original arrangement was informal being only later reduced to writing in a formal licence. There was no basis for saying that a non-secure licence became a secure tenancy on the revocation of the head lease. The trust acted as principal and not as the authority’s agent. As to the tenants’ claims under article 8 of the Convention: ‘The fact is that Lambeth has an unqualified right to possession. And on the basis of the majority opinions in Qazi by which we are bound that is a sufficient answer to the claims under Article 8’ As to eth Connors decision: (Auld LJ) ‘Whilst there is, in those general statements of principle, some support for the argument of Mr Luba, they cannot, it seems to us, affect this court’s assessment of the decision in Qazi. The general statement of principle in paragraph 83 of the Court’s judgment is based upon the Court’s decisions in Buckley, and Chapman, to which it refers, both of which were cited to and considered by the House of Lords in Qazi. Connors is therefore only of assistance to the courts of this country in relation to cases involving gypsies.’


Lord Justice Auld Lord Justice Latham Lady Justice Arden


[2004] EWCA Civ 926, Times 26-Jul-2004, [2005] QB 352, [2004] 3 WLR 1396




Housing Act 1985 Part IV


England and Wales


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Account taken of circumstances wihout ambiguity
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The defendant gypsies had moved their caravans onto land belonging to the respondents without planning permission. They appealed an order to leave saying that the order infringed their rights to respect for family life.
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Appeal fromKay and Another v London Borough of Lambeth and others; Leeds City Council v Price and others and others HL 8-Mar-2006
In each case the local authority sought to recover possession of its own land. In the Lambeth case, they asserted this right as against an overstaying former tenant, and in the Leeds case as against gypsies. In each case the occupiers said that the . .
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