Kaines (UK) Ltd v Osterreichische Warrenhandelsgesellschaft Austrowaren Gesellschaft mbH: CA 1993

In June 1987 the defendants repudiated a contract to sell the claimant’s crude oil for lifting in September 1987 and for payment in October 1987. The claimants thereupon contracted to buy the oil at a higher price, again for lifting in September 1987 and for payment in October 1987; and in August 1987 they issued their claim against the defendants.
Held: The trial judge had erred in awarding interest from as far back as the date of the issue of the claim in that it was only in October 1987, when they had paid the higher price, that the claimants had sustained the loss. The injured party may, and if there is a market generally will, be required to make a substitute contract; and his damages will be assessed by reference to the time when the contract should have been made. This will usually be the time of acceptance of the breach. The judge’s finding on the date when the buyers should have bought in a substitute cargo ‘fixes the level of the plaintiffs’ damages on the facts of this case irrespective of what the plaintiffs did or failed to do at the time’ and ‘crystallises the position so far as the basis of a capital award of damages is concerned’.


[1993] 2 LL Rep 1


England and Wales

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