Jones v HM Coroner for The Southern District of Greater London and Another: Admn 28 Apr 2010

The mother of the deceased asked for a new inquest, saying that there had been insufficient enquiry. He was an adult suffering Asperger’s syndrome and other difficulties, but had sought and been given excess prescriptions of fentanyl a drug to control bowel pain. The coroner had been unable to find an explanation for how he had been able to build up high concentrations of the drug when he had used only slow release patches. Warnings as to the dangers of the excess use of the patches came to light after the inquest.
Held: Another inquest should take place: ‘The defendant identified the central question, namely how the deceased came to have such a high concentration of fentanyl in his blood, but failed to investigate the answer to it, apparently on the basis that it could not be answered, save by making the assumption that the deceased had somehow come into possession of an additional supply of fentanyl transdermal patches from some other and unknown source. But as was forcefully submitted on behalf of the claimant, there was no evidential basis for such an assumption.’ In the light of the new evidence available as to the use of the drug, there was also a proper wider and public interest in an exploration of the issues raised.

Owen J, Toulson LJ
[2010] EWHC 931 (Admin), [2010] Inquest LR 80
Coroners Act 1988 13
England and Wales
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