Jones and Another v Forest Fencing Limited: CA 21 Nov 2001

The sellers of and disputed an order as to whether electrical equipment at the site hd been included in the contract.
Held: ‘the answer to the question ‘what meaning should be given to the words used in the memorandum’ cannot, I think, be a matter of serious doubt. The electrical apparatus at the site plainly included the high voltage reduction transformer, switch gear, distribution panels and isolators and the other equipment to which the judge referred. It is equally clear that the memorandum confirms that that apparatus – as well as the machinery used in the sawmill – is to be taken out. It is impossible to confine the words ‘the sawmill equipment will be removed and . . electrical apparatus will be taken out’ to the machinery alone. And, if the electrical apparatus as well as the machinery is to be taken out, the words ‘the first isolator’ in the context of the phrase ‘wiring taken out back to the first isolator’ must mean the isolator on the supply side of the apparatus. It is not, I think, in dispute that the first isolator on the supply side of the high voltage reduction transformer and its associated switch gear was at the point of connection to the high voltage supply.
It follows that the purchasers were not entitled to succeed on their claim. I would allow the vendor’s appeal against the order for payment.’


Chadwick LJ, Sir Murray Stuart Smith


[2001] NPC 165, [2001] EWCA Civ 1700




England and Wales


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