John Mander Pension Trustees Ltd v Revenue and Customs: SC 29 Jul 2015

The pension scheme had been approved, but that approval later withdraw. HMRC issued assessment for the years in which it had been approved. The taxpayer argued that such assessments applied to the date with effect from which the approval is withdraw, HMRC contended that it was in the year in which withdrawal was notified. The taxpayer appealed from decisions against its position.
Held: (Lord Carnwath and Hodge dissenting) The appeal was allowed. The Inland Revenue were not entitled to assess the administrator of the John Mander Pension Scheme to tax under section 591C of the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 for the year 2000-2001.
Held: The taxpayer’s appeal failed: ‘It is inherent in the process of assessment that a taxpayer may be assessed to tax on profits or gains that arose in a charging period earlier than that in which the assessment was raised. This occurs whenever tax is assessed in arrears. The period of retrospectivity may be considerable if profits or gains for an earlier period were previously overlooked or wrongly thought not to be chargeable to tax. But it may also occur when something happens which makes it necessary to recharacterise the taxpayer’s financial affairs in an earlier period. Before this state of affairs can be regarded as anomalous, we need to ask ourselves what the recharacterisation involves. It would be surprising if the law allowed a tax to be charged in an earlier period by reference to criteria which did not apply until a later one. On the other hand, it may involve no more than a recognition of facts which always existed.’

Lord Neuberger, President , Lord Sumption , Lord Reed , Lord Carnwath , Lord Hodge
[2015] 4 All ER 896, [2015] WLR(D) 356, [2015] UKSC 56, [2015] 1 WLR 3857, [2015] BTC 25, [2015] STC 2231, [2015] STI 2530, UKSC 2014/0052
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Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988, Taxes Management Act 1970 34
England and Wales
At FTTTxJohn Mander Pension Trustees Ltd v Revenue and Customs FTTTx 28-Oct-2011
FTTTx Income tax – charge on retirement benefits scheme administrator under s591C ICTA 88 on cessation of approval of scheme – whether notice validly given – whether assessments valid – whether raised in respect . .
At UTTCJohn Mander Pension Trustees Ltd v Revenue and Customs – FTC/88/2011 UTTC 28-Jan-2013
UTTC Income tax – charge on retirement benefits scheme administrator under s591C ICTA 88 on cessation of approval of scheme – whether assessments raised in respect of correct year of assessment – whether raised . .
Appeal fromJohn Mander Pension Scheme Trustees Ltd v Revenue and Customs CA 19-Dec-2013
The court was asked whether the Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs have assessed the appellant for tax in the wrong tax year. The scheme had ceased to be approved, and HMRC issued assessments for the earlier years in which the . .
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The taxpayers used schemes to create allowable losses, and now appealed assessment to tax. The schemes involved a series of transactions none of which were a sham, but which had the effect of cancelling each other out.
Held: If the true nature . .

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