John Graham, On Behalf Of Himself And All Other The Shareholders Or Proprietors Of Shares In The Birkenhead, Lancashire, And Cheshire Junction Railway Company, Except Such As Are Defendants Hereto v The Birkenhead, Lancashire, And C: 30 May 1850

The directors of a railway company, with the concurrence of a majority of the shareholders, on finding the original undertaking impracticable, proceeded to construct a small portion only of the works. On an application by an individual shareholder on behalf of himself and the other shareholders for an injunction to restrain this proceeding, the Court refused to interfere on the ground of the acquiescence of the Plaintiff, and also that the other shareholders had for eighteeri months previously to filing the bill known, or had had the means of knowiiig, the Acts complained of.


[1850] EngR 591, (1850) 2 Mac and G 146, (1850) 42 ER 57




England and Wales


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