JIS (1974) Ltd v MCP Investment Nominees I Ltd: CA 9 Apr 2003

The parties agreed for a lease to be granted of a new building. Part had been intended to be excluded for shops, but permission was not obtained, the shops area was included and leased back. When the tenants sought to determine the lease, the landlord said that vacant possession of the whole was required.
Held: The lease was to be construed according to its words. The words were clear. The shops area was excluded only for the purposes of the rent review. The break clause was not obvious nonsense on its face. The difficulty only became apparent when looked at against the background. As to the issue of rectification, that was not so clear that it could be resolved summarily.


Lord Justice Kennedy Lord Justice Buxton Lord Justice Carnwath


[2003] EWCA Civ 721, Gazette 19-Jun-2003




England and Wales


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The operation of the break clause in a lease will (in the absence of provision to the contrary) have the effect of terminating not just the lease but also the underlease, and any inferior sub-tenancies. . .
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In a lease, the parties had agreed in negotiations that the six year term should be extended to 12 years, but had failed altogether to address the issue of a second rent review.
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Appeal fromJIS (1974) Ltd v MCP Investment Nominees I Ltd ChD 2002
Hart J said: A particular intention may, as it seems to me, as a matter of the general nature of human discourse, be communicated by one party to another without express words necessarily being used. It may therefore sometimes be possible for the . .

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