Jean Razanatsimba: ECJ 24 Nov 1977

Europa Article 62 of the ACP-EEC Convention signed at Lome on 28 February 1975 between the African, Caribbean and Pacific states of the one part and the European Economic Community of the other part does not purport to provide equality of treatment between nationals of an ACP state and those of a member state of the EEC; more particularly, it does not oblige either the ACP states or the member states of the EEC to give to the nationals of a state belonging to the other group treatment identical to that reserved to their own nationals.
It is not contrary to the rule as to non-discrimination laid down in article 62 for a member state to reserve more favourable treatment to the nationals of one acp state , provided that such treatment results from the provisions of an international agreement comprising reciprocal rights and advantages.
Article 62 of the lome convention does not give a national of an ACP state the right to establish himself in the territory of a member state of the EEC without any condition as to nationality, in so far as the right to practise professions reserved by the legislation of that state to its own nationals is concerned.


C-65/77, R-65/77, [1977] EUECJ R-65/77




Updated: 21 May 2022; Ref: scu.132630