JBW Group Ltd v Westminster City Council: CA 12 Mar 2010

The tenant had applied to the landlord for consent to assign certain leases. The court had declared the right to exercise break clauses in certain leases as lost. The court had found the right to be lost after the assignment of the leases by the original tenant, that the exercise of a break clauses limited to the named original tenant, would not make sense if it could be exercised when it was no longer in possession.
Held: The tenant’s appeal failed. ‘the right of a landlord or a tenant to bring a tenancy to an end by notice is an incident of the relationship of landlord and tenant’ and ‘provision for a former tenant to bring a lease to an end at a time when the lease is not vested in them would be extraordinary, even if technically possible.’ This was consistent with established authority. The original tenant had lost its right to break on assigning the lease.

Sedley, Dyson, Etherton LJJ
[2010] EWCA Civ 395, [2010] L and TR 10, [2010] 17 EG 95, [2010] NPC 48
Landlord and Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995
England and Wales
CitedOlympia and York Canary Wharf Ltd v Oil Property Investments Ltd CA 1994
A landlord could properly refuse to consent to the assignment of a lease back to an original tenant in circumstances where the parties accepted that, if there was a re-assignment, the original tenant could exercise a right conferred on it alone as . .
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The tenant sought to exercise a break clause following assignment and subsequent revesting of the original lease in it. In the relevant clause the tenant meant only Sketchley plc and not its successors in title or its assigns. The claimants . .
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A break clause was mutual but contained a proviso making it clear ‘for the avoidance of doubt’ that the lessor’s right to determine the term ceased if the lessee assigned its interest in the lease prior to the expiration of the tenth year of the . .
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A notice to quit was invalid when it was served by the original lessor who had, prior to the service of the notice, granted a concurrent lease. . .
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The lease to Fenner contained a break clause. The lease was legally assigned to X and then to Y. Y then agreed to assign back to Fenner (but no formal assignment was entered). Fenner then ‘assigned’ to Z (the contract saying that he was not obliged . .
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In a lease, the term ‘original tenant’ was to refer to the person to whom the lease had originally been granted. . .
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The lease contained a break clause. The parties disputed whether the benefit of the clause was personal to the orginal lessee, or whether it touched and concerned the land, and therefore the benefit of it passed with the land.
Held: The . .
CitedSelous Street Properties v Oronel ChD 1984
The tenant had made unauthorised alterations to the premises by the construction of some toilets, in breach of covenant. The position was later regularised with a licence from the landlord, reciting that the lessee had made alterations to the . .
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The benefit and burden of a break clause in a lease will ordinarily pass with the reversion or the term, as ‘touching and concerning’ the respective estates of the landlord and the tenant and as conditions of the enjoyment of those estates. . .
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. .
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The court considered the effect of section 62 of the 1925 Act.
Sir Nicholas Browne-Wilkinson V-C said: ‘The main intention of Section 62 was to provide a form of statutory shorthand rendering it unnecessary to include such words expressly in . .
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The tenant had the option to take a further lease on giving written notice of their desire ‘if it shall have . . performed and observed the several stipulations on its part to be performed and observed up to the date of [the notice]’. The question . .
CitedAllied London Investments Ltd v Hambro Life Assurance Ltd (No 2) ChD 1984
The lessors sued the original lessees for rent due under the lease after the term had been assigned to another. The lessors had given a licence to assign and the licence contained a guarantee from a third party to the lessors that the assignee would . .
CitedHua Chaio Commercial Bank v Chiaphua Industries PC 1987
The landlord had granted a lease, under which the tenant paid a security deposit on the signing of the lease. The deposit was returnable on the expiration of the term provided that there was no breach of any of it terms and conditions on the part of . .
Appeal fromJBW Group Ltd v Westminster City Council QBD 3-Nov-2009
The claimants acted as certificated bailiffs collecting sums due to the defendant Council on the issue of warrants of execution. The contract was terminated, and the parties now sought a decision as to costs incurred by the claimants in respect of . .
LeaveJBW Group Ltd v Westminster City Council (Leave) CA 12-Mar-2010
Application for leave to appeal – granted. . .

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