James Brocklesby v Armitage and Guest (a Firm): CA 9 Jul 1999

A failure by an adviser to make his position clear when he thought he had been negligent, could constitute a ‘deliberate’ act within section 32 even if the defendant’s actions were not motivated by any intention to deceive the claimant: ‘it is not necessary for the purpose of extending the limitation period pursuant to Section 32(1)(b) to demonstrate that the fact relevant to the claimant’s right of action has been deliberately concealed in any sense greater than that the commission of the act was deliberate in the sense of being intentional and that that act or omission, as the case may be, did involve a breach of duty whether or not the actor appreciated that legal consequence.’


[1999] EWCA Civ 1797, [2002] 1 WLR 598, [2001] 1 All ER 172




Limitation Act 1980 32(2)


England and Wales


CitedKing v Victor Parsons CA 1973
Lord Denning MR discussed the meaing of ‘fraud’ in the section: ‘The word ‘fraud’ is not used in the common law sense. It is used in the equitable sense to denote conduct by the defendant or its agent such that it would be ‘against conscience’ for . .

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OverruledCave v Robinson Jarvis and Rolf (a Firm) HL 25-Apr-2002
An action for negligence against a solicitor was defended by saying that the claim was out of time. The claimant responded that the solicitor had not told him of the circumstances which would lead to the claim, and that deliberate concealment should . .
CitedThe Law Society v Sephton and Co and others CA 13-Dec-2004
The Society appealed dismissal for limitation of its claim against the defendant firm of accountants arising from alleged fraud in approval of a solicitor’s accounts.
Held: The liability did not arise until the Society decided to make . .
CitedEzekiel v Lehrer ChD 21-Mar-2001
The claimant had given instructions to the defendant with regard to a charge. The defendant came to know that he had made an error, and when asked by the claimant, declined to answer, and referred the claimant to independent advice. The claimant now . .
DoubtedCave v Robinson Jarvis and Rolf CA 20-Feb-2001
The court was asked as to the meaning of the word ‘deliberate’ as it appeared in section 32(2) of the 1980 Act. . .
CitedEzekiel v Lehrer CA 30-Jan-2002
The applicant claimed that his solicitor had been negligent with regard to the execution of a mortgage. The solicitor said his claim was time barred. The claimant said the solicitor had hidden the true situation from him, and the solicitor replied . .
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Professional Negligence, Limitation

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