Jamal v Moolla Dawood, Sons and Co: PC 3 Nov 1915

The plaintiff claimed damages from the buyer for his failure to accept shares contracted to be taken on a particular date. Two months after that date the sellers began to re-sell the shares on a rising market.
Held: Damages for breach of contract such as a contract of sale are normally to be assessed as at the date of the breach. The profit accruing should not be deducted from the damages for non-acceptance.
Lord Wrenbury said: ‘The seller’s loss at the date of the breach was and remained the difference between contract price and market price at that date. When the buyer committed this breach the seller remained entitled to the shares, and became entitled to damages such as the law allows. The first of these two properties, namely, the shares, he kept for a time and subsequently sold them in a rising market. His pocket received benefit, but his loss at the date of the breach remained unaffected.’


Lord Wrenbury


[1916] 1 AC 175, [1915] UKPC 51





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