Jackson v J H Watson Property Investment Ltd: QBD 7 Jan 2008

The tenant claimant held under a 125 year lease of the defendant. A fault in a light well led to water ingress and damage. The fault was in the landlord’s land but not the flat. The tenant alleged a nuisance by the landlords. The landlord replied that the fault pre-dated the lease, and that the tenant should have identified the fault before taking the lease on.
Held: The claim failed. If the state of the premises was no worse than at the commencement of the lease there was no want of repair, and ‘In the absence of an effective covenant to repair in the lease I do not think Mr Jackson can rely on the law of nuisance to impose what is, in effect, an obligation to put right faulty construction work.’


John Behrens QC


[2008] EWHC B1 (QB), [2008] EWHC 14 (Ch)


Bailii, Bailii


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Occupier Responsible for Nuisance in adopting it
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