Iqbal v Legal Services Commission: CA 10 May 2005

The claimant had been a partner in a firm of solicitors. They came to be suspected by the respondent of overclaiming legal aid payments and sums were withheld. For this and other reasons the practice folded, and the claimant became insolvent. He claimed that officers of the respondent had acted improperly, and claimed misfeasance in public office, in inter alia having failed to make payments which it had agreed to make. The respondent replied as a preliminary point that the claim was out of time.
Held: There was nothing to indicate that any failure by the Commission was continuing, and the applicant had not established any malice in law to found a claim.


Pill, Chadwick, May LJJ


[2005] EWCA Civ 623




England and Wales


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A mother signed a mortgage deed charging her property to H as security for a loan to her son. She claimed the solicitor had been negligent in his advice. The solicitor replied that the claim was out of time. The loss accrued not when demand for . .
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A loss arising from a solicitor’s failure to pursue a case arose only when the claim was struck out, not earlier when compromised, and even though value already diminished. Accordingly the limitation period began to run from that time. . .
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Held: Misfeasance in public office might occur not only when a company officer acted to injure a party, but also . .
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The claimant sought damages from his former solicitors for failing to act to avoid his case being struck out. The second action was itself delayed, and the defendants asserted that the cause of action occurred not when his claim was actually struck . .
DistinguishedDarley Main Colliery Co v Mitchell HL 1886
The owner of land whose land was affected by subsidence in 1868 and who received compensation from those who had worked coal and caused the subsidence, was able, in 1882 when further subsidence took place causing further injury, to bring a fresh . .
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