Ingram and Another v Commissioners of Inland Revenue: HL 10 Dec 1998

To protect her estate from Inheritance Tax, the deceased gave land to her solicitor, but then took back a lease. The solicitor then conveyed the land on freehold on to members of her family.
Held: The lease-back by the nominee was not void as a grant of a lease to herself.
Lord Hoffmann said: ‘whether the equitable obligation to grant a lease back to Lady Ingram is regarded as imposed on the trustees or on the beneficiaries, this obligation arose as soon as the freehold vested in the trustees. In the present case there never was a time when, in equity, the donees held the property free from the donor’s leasehold interest, and I am in agreement with the observation of Ferris J . . that: ‘In terms of substance, Lady Ingram had her leasehold interests from the very same moment that the trustees and beneficiaries had the property subject to those interests.” and ‘viewing the substance of the transaction, I consider that what was comprised in the gift made by Lady Ingram was the freehold shorn of the leasehold interest, and section 102 does not apply. ‘
In effect the first gift to the solicitor was a gift which did not include the leasehold carved from it, and therefore validity of the the leases was not in issue. The appeal was allowed. Section 102 did not apply.
‘a trustee in English law is not an agent for his beneficiary. He contracts in his own name with a right of indemnity against the beneficiary for the liabilities he has incurred.’


Lord Browne-Wilkinson, Lord Steyn, Lord Hoffmann, Lord Clyde, Lord Hutton


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House of Lords, Bailii


Finance Act 1986 102


England and Wales


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The father, Lord Nichols, gave property to his sons who then leased it back to him. On the father’s death the revenue claimed duty.
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Appeal fromIngram and Palmer-Tomkinson (Executors of the Estate of Lady Jane Lindsay Morgan Ingram Deceased) v Commissioners of Inland Revenue CA 28-Jul-1997
The deceased had first conveyed property to her solicitor. Leases back were then created in her favour, and then the freeholds were conveyed at her direction to her children and grandchildren. They were potentially exempt transfers.
Held: . .
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In 1909, the deceased orally agreed with his six children that he and they would carry on the business of graziers on land owned by him as partners under a partnership at will. In 1913 the deceased transferred by way of gift the freehold interest in . .
At First InstanceIngram and Another v Inland Revenue Commissioners ChD 23-May-1995
Lady Ingram had first conveyed properties to her solicitor who on the next day let the properties back to her, and on the day after conveyed the freehold of the properties to her family.
Held: The leases in favour of Lady Ingram, having been . .
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The donor gave his son the benefit of a debt of about andpound;24,000 which was owing to him, in return for which the son covenanted to pay the father an annuity of andpound;735 p.a. during his life.
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Registered land was bought with an advance from the plaintiff. The transfer and charge were registered one month later, but in the meantime, the buyer’s parents moved in. When the buyer defaulted, his mother resisted possession proceedings, saying . .
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It was not possible in Scottish law for a man to grant a lease to a nominee for himself: (Lord Hope) ‘I have, as I have said, no difficulty in the concept by which the title to property and the beneficial interest are separated, the title being held . .
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(Ireland) ‘as in these questions of revenue, matters of mere conveyancing form are immaterial; as we are to view the substance only of the transaction, and as ‘gift’ in the context means ‘beneficial gift,’ so, too, in the actual case before us, . .
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The taxpayers used schemes to create allowable losses, and now appealed assessment to tax. The schemes involved a series of transactions none of which were a sham, but which had the effect of cancelling each other out.
Held: If the true nature . .

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The executors challenged the assessment to Inheritance tax on the estate. The commissioners claimed that a gift of property into a trust included a sufficient reservation of benefit to disallow it as an exempt transfer.
Held: The scheme was . .
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A settlor had created a discretionary trust in favour of her husband. The Commissioners sought to apply the reservation of benefit provisions.
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