In the Estate of Cunigunda Crippen deceased: 1911

Dr Crippen notoriously survived his wife. Between the date of his conviction for her murder and the carrying out of the death sentence passed on him, Dr Crippen made a will naming Ethel Le Neve as the sole executrix and universal beneficiary. Ethel Le Neve was passed over on a motion for the grant of an administration to Mrs Crippen’s intestate estate.
Held: Sir Samuel Evans P refused a grant of letters of administration in respect of Mrs Crippen’s estate to the personal representatives of her husband. There were special circumstances justifying this course of action: ‘It is clear that the law is that no person can obtain, or enforce any right resulting to him from his own crime; neither can his representative, claiming under him, obtain or enforce any such right. The human mind revolts at the very idea that any other doctrine could be possible in our system of jurisprudence.’
Sir Samuel Evans P
[1911] P 108
England and Wales
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The couple had decided on a suicide pact. They made repeated attempts, resulting in his death. Property had been held in joint names. The deceased’s father asked the court to apply the 1982 Act to disentitle Miss Plant.
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The court was asked whether insurance pursuant to the Road Traffic Act 1960 would provide valid cover for the benefit of a third party injured by deliberately criminal conduct on the part of the driver.
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The deceased and the claimant lived together for about 10 years in an apparently stable and loving relationship. They had a son together. They also co-owned a house (by way of joint tenancy) in which they lived. In April 2013 the claimant was . .
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The claimant had been found guilty of the manslaughter by diminished responsibility of the deceased. He now sought disapplication of the 1982 Act.
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Forfeiture rule disapplied after spousal abuse
The claimant sought the disapplication of the forfeiture rule. She had been convicted of the manslaughter of her seriously abusive husband. The court considered whether a conviction for murder set aside and replaced with one of manslaughter was a . .

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