In re W (A Child): CA 21 Feb 2013

The mother appealed against an order that she should not have contact with her newborn child. The father was said to have threatened to gather a mob to recover the child from wherever the baby was taken to. The order was made because of her continued relationship with the father and the threat of violence toward professionals.
Held: The order had been made under great pressure and required full justification, but such had been given: ‘There are emergency situations such as this which do not allow the luxury of adjournment to enable parties to file evidence, to prepare positions statements, a decision has to be taken there and then and it is unthinkable to my mind that this court should interfere where the judge has had regard to the relevant factors. It would be quite impossible to say that the judge’s conclusion was plainly wrong. She was urged in that direction by the guardian for a start so despite the excellent submissions made by Ms Meachin on behalf of the appellant and equally excellent submissions from Mr Allen for the father, I would simply dismiss this appeal. ‘

Thorpe, Pitchford, Kitchin LJJ
[2013] EWCA Civ 314
England and Wales


Updated: 19 November 2021; Ref: scu.514994