In re Tillott: ChD 1892

The plaintiff was entitled under a will trust to a one twelfth share in the capital of the residue, contingently on the death of his mother, who was a life tenant. The residue included Bank of England Consols. He had already obtained from the court an order that the defendant will trustee write to the Bank of England authorising it to inform the plaintiff of the amount of such Consols and to produce all the documents relating to property in which the plaintiff was interested. He now sought an order that the defendant trustee authorise the Bank to inform him of any incumbrances on that property, such as charging orders or stop notices. The trustee objected, on the grounds that the plaintiff might thereby obtain information as to the dealings of other contingently entitled remaindermen with their own shares.
Held: The plaintiff was entitled to have the further information sought, so that he would know whether the fund in which he was interested was incumbered or not.
Speaking of the trustee’s argument, Chitty J said: ‘this may give the Plaintiff more information than he is entitled to ask, because as there are twelve shares in this fund, it may be that there are several distringases of the fund obtained by persons who have charges on the continent interest of the other persons, and it is clear that the trustee is not bound to give the cestui que trust of one share any information as to the dealings of the other cestui que trust in whose share he has no interest, shewing whether those shares are or are not incumbranced.’
Chitty J
[1892] 1 Ch 86
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CitedRoyal National Lifeboat Institution and Others v Headley and Another ChD 28-Jul-2016
Beneficiaries’ right to information from estate
The claimant charities sought payment of interests under the will following the dropping of two life interests. They now requested various documents forming accounts of the estate.
Held: The charities were entitled to some but not to all of . .
[2016] EWHC 1948 (Ch)

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