In re Sneyd; Ex parte Fewings: CA 1883

The mortgagee’s costs, whether costs of an enforcement or a redemption action or included in ‘costs, charges and expenses’, are not recoverable from the mortgagor personally, but both as against the mortgagor and other persons interested in the equity of redemption, they are added to the amount due under the mortgage and must be paid as a condition of redeeming.
Fry LJ said: ‘When there is a covenant for the payment of a principal sum, and that judgment has been obtained upon the covenant for that sum, it is plain that the covenant is merged in the judgment, and, if there is a covenant to pay interest which is merely incidental to the covenant to pay a principal debt, that covenant also is merged in a judgment on the covenant to the principal debt. Of course a covenant to pay interest may be so expressed as not to merge a judgment for the principal; for instance, if there was a covenant to pay interest so long as any part of the principal should remain due either on the covenant or on a judgment.’


Cotton, Fry LJJ


(1883) 25 Ch D 338

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ApprovedEconomic Life Assurance Society v Usborne HL 1902
If the loan agreement provides that the contract term for payment of interest survives judgment, then the contract term remains enforceable after judgment. Lord Halsbury said: ‘My Lords, it seems to me that Fry LJ in the case of Ex parte Fewings . . . .
CitedDirector General of Fair Trading v First National Bank HL 25-Oct-2001
The House was asked whether a contractual provision for interest to run after judgment as well as before in a consumer credit contract led to an unfair relationship.
Held: The term was not covered by the Act, and was not unfair under the . .
CitedDirector General of Fair Trading v First National Bank Plc CA 15-Sep-1999
A bank had a clause in its standard terms which provided that it could continue to recover interest at the contract rate after judgment for default. The clause was an unfair term. The clause allowed a bank to impose an arrangement for repayment by . .
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