In Re Park Air Services Plc; Christopher Moran Holdings Ltd v Bairstow and Another: HL 4 Feb 1999

The tenant company went into liquidation, the receiver disclaimed the lease, and the landlord claimed compensation under the Act. The question concerned how the compensation was to be calculated.
Held: Where a solvent tenant under an onerous lease goes into voluntary liquidation, and the liquidator disclaims the lease, the right to payment of rent disappears, and the landlord is entitled to compensation only, by payment discounted for acceleration.
The court had to calculate the compensation according to general principles. It was a statutory right where any common law or contractual rights were extinguished by the disclaimer. The right replaced any rights which would have arisen under the lease. The receiver said that the damages should be reduced to allow for the fact of the acceleration of the receipts. He was correct. The Court of Appeal had been wrong to treat the freeholder as a secured creditor making a voluntary proof. His claim was for the statutory right of compensation, not any made under the lease itself. The common law right to damages was lost on the disclaimer. Appeal allowed, but with a discount of 5.5% to the accelerated rent.


Lord Slynn of Hadley, Lord Lloyd of Berwick, Lord Hope of Craighead Lord Hobhouse of Woodborough, Lord Millett


Times 05-Feb-1999, [1999] UKHL 2, [2000] 2 AC 172, [1999] 1 All ER 673, [1999] 2 WLR 396, [2000] ANZ Conv R 174, [1999] 1 EGLR 1, [1999] 1 BCLC 155


House of Lords, Bailii


Insolvency Act 1986 178(6), Insolvency Act 1986 178, Insolvency Rules 1986 4.88(2)


England and Wales


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Landlord and Tenant, Damages, Insolvency

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