Hutchison Reid v Secretary Of State For Scotland and Another: HL 5 Feb 1998

(Scotland) A detention in hospital which was capable of preventing the deterioration of a psychopathic disorder in a patient was sufficient to bring his detention within the requirement for treatment which might alleviate a condition, which phrase has a wide meaning. ‘Medical treatment’ could include treatment which alleviates or prevents a deterioration of the symptoms of the disorder, even if the treatment would have no effect on the disorder itself. A person who had been detained under the Mental Health Acts but was subsequently diagnosed as not suffering a condition susceptible to treatment can no longer be detained. The two sections of the Act are to be read together.


Lord Hope of Craighead


Times 07-Dec-1998, Gazette 27-Jan-1999, [1998] UKHL 43, [1999] 2 AC 512, [1999] 2 WLR 28, [1999] 1 All ER 481


House of Lords, Bailii


Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984 63(2) 64(1)(a) 17(1)



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The applicant had been detained over many years after committing offences of a sexual and violent nature. After one release he reoffended and was re-detained after completing his sentence. He challenged the basis of his continued detention.
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Held: The appeal succeeded. The hospital had failed to follow the appropriate Code of Practice. The Code was not . .
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The claimant was detained in a secure Mental Hospital. He complained at the seclusions policy applied by the hospital, saying that it departed from the Guidance issued for such policies by the Secretary of State under the Act.
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