Hutchinson v Proxmire; 26 Jun 1979

References: [1979] USSC 139, [1979] 443 US 111
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Ratio: (United States Supreme Court) The petitioner had been funded by the state to carry out research on aggression in certain animals, particularly monkeys. He complained of criticism of his work decsribing it as wasteful
Held: Efforts to influence executive agencies are not privileged acts. Not every public employee is a public official.
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    The defendants faced trial on charges of false accounting in connection in different ways with their expenses claims whilst serving as members of the House of Commons. They appealed against rejection of their assertion that the court had no . .
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    Appeal against strike out of claims for defamation and malicious falsehood. The defendant had given evidence to the Culture Media and Sport Select Committee of the House of Commons with material highly critical of the claimant, a member of FIFA’s . .

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