Hughes v Carratu International Plc: QBD 19 Jul 2006

The claimant wished to bring an action against the defendant enquiry agent, saying that it had obtained unlawful access to details of his bank accounts, and now sought disclosure of documents. The defendant denied wrongdoing, and said it had returned all papers to solicitors.
Held: The proposed respondents had not been fully candid, and a sufficient case was established to justify disclosure. ‘ there is reason to believe that there has been a serious breach of the criminal law. The enquiry agents who are suspected of that breach and who have been charged with it, appear to have been under the impression that the Respondent (and so presumably the Respondent’s client, the law firm), would not regard as unwelcome the receipt of the information which was obtained by those criminal means. This is not, apparently an isolated case. I infer that the law firm are aware of the present proceedings because I have been told that they asked for the file in order to protect their client’s claim to privilege, but they have not indicated any stance that they might be adopting towards the making of the order insofar as it might involve disclosure of their own identity. There has been no explanation as to how the enquiry agents can have been under so serious a misunderstanding as to the wishes of the Respondent that all information be obtained lawfully, given the Respondent’s repeated declarations of the importance they attach to compliance with the law. For these reasons I shall make the whole of the order sought by the Applicant. ‘


Tugendhat J


[2006] EWHC 1791 (QB)




Data Protection Act 1998, Civil Procedure Rules 31.16


England and Wales


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