Howarth and Chief Constable of The Police Service of Scotland: SIC 29 Apr 2015

Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA) sections 1(1) and (6) (General entitlement); 2(1)(a) and (2)(e)(ii) (Effect of exemptions); 38(1)(b), (2)(a)(i) and (2)(b) and (5) (definition of ‘the data protection principles’, ‘data subject’ and ‘personal data’) (Personal information)
Data Protection Act 1998 (the DPA) sections 1(1) (Basic interpretative provisions) (definition of personal data); 2 (Sensitive personal data); (3) (The special purposes); Schedules 1 (The data protection principles) (the first data protection principle); 3 (Conditions relevant for the purposes of the first principle: processing of sensitive personal data) (conditions 1, 5 and 10).
Data Protection (Processing of Sensitive Personal Data) Order 2000 (Circumstances in which Sensitive Personal Data may be processed – paragraph 3)
The full text of each of the statutory provisions cited above is reproduced in Appendix 1 to this decision. The Appendix forms part of this decision.

[2015] ScotIC 058 – 2015

Scotland, Information

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