Horvath And Kiss v Hungary: ECHR 3 Jul 2012


Statement of facts – The application concerns two young Romani men, who were misdiagnosed as having mental disabilities. As a result of these misdiagnoses, the applicants could not access mainstream education. Instead, they were educated in a segregated remedial school created for children with mental disabilities. Their education under a lower curriculum limited their future opportunities in secondary education and they only had the opportunity to continue their studies in special vocational secondary school, where they cannot acquire the Baccalaureate necessary for higher education and certain jobs. The first applicant, who is still in school, is unable to follow a course to become a dance teacher and follow the same career path as his father. Instead, he is currently following a special vocational training course to become a baker. The second applicant is precluded from pursuing his ambition to become a car mechanic.

11146/11 (Communicated Case), [2012] ECHR 1206
European Convention on Human Rights
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See AlsoHorvath And Kiss v Hungary ECHR 29-Jan-2013
ECHR The case concerned the complaints of two young men of Roma origin that their education in schools for the mentally disabled had been the result of misplacement and had amounted to discrimination. Violation . .

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