Hijazi v Yaxley-Lennon (Orse Tommy Robinson): QBD 22 Jul 2021

No Valid Evidence to Support Serious Accusations

The claimant was filmed being assaulted in the school playground. The film was published on the internet, and the defendant right wing politician re-published it, but falsely said that the claimant had himself been violent.
Held: The defendant’s attempt to justify the libel had absolutely no basis in fact. The claim succeeded. The very public and widely distributed allegation had caused considerable damage and distress to the claimant.
The defendant had sought to have admitted films of third parties, but no supporting evidence had been provided, and some appeared to have no knowledge that they were being filmed, and the defendant gave leading questions, and no allowance was made for section 5 of the 1995 Act. The court concluded that the films did not represent the truth of what might have happened: ‘the Defendant has failed to demonstrate that the Claimant had any propensity to behave in an aggressive or abusive manner towards girls and women. For the reasons I have given, I am unable to accept the evidence of AYQ and BWI, but even if I had accepted it, it would not have demonstrated a propensity on the part of the Claimant to act in this way. The more reliable contemporaneous evidence in the school records provides powerful support for the conclusion that the Claimant did not behave in the way alleged.’
‘the Defendant’s truth defence must be rejected and judgment on the claim will be granted to the Claimant.’

The Honourable Mr Justice Nicklin
[2021] EWHC 2008 (QB)
Bailii, Judiciary
Defamation Act 2013 12, Civil Evidence Act 1995 4
England and Wales
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