Henderson v Henderson; 20 Jul 1843

References: (1843) 3 Hare 100, [1843] EngR 917, (1843) 67 ER 313
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Coram: Sir James Wigram VC
The court set down the principles to be applied in abuse of process cases, where a matter was raised again which should have been dealt with in earlier proceedings.
Sir James Wigram VC said: ‘In trying this question I believe I state the rule of the Court correctly when I say that, where a given matter becomes the subject of litigation in, and of adjudication by, a court of competent jurisdiction, the Court requires the parties to that litigation to bring forward their whole case, and will not (except under special circumstances) permit the same parties to open the same subject of litigation in respect of matter which might have been brought forward as part of the subject in contest, but which was not brought forward, only because they have, from negligence, inadvertence, or even accident, omitted part of their case. The plea of res judicata applies, except in special cases, not only to points upon which the Court was actually required by the parties to form an opinion and pronounce a judgment, but to every point which properly belonged to the subject of litigation, and which the parties, exercising reasonable diligence, might have brought forward at the time.’
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  • Applied – Wain -v- Sherwood & Sons Transport Ltd CA (Times 16-Jul-98, Gazette 24-Jun-98)
    Plaintiff, having succeeded in claim for damage to his car, was subject to an action estoppel, since he could have had the additional claim for personal injury damages settled at the same time. A mistake by his adviser which fell short of being . .
  • Cited – Time Group Limited -v- Computer 2000 Distribution Limited and IBM United Kingdom Limited TCC (Bailii, Bailii, [2002] EWHC 126 (Technology))
    Computers had been supplied by the second defendant to the claimant and first defendant at different times for exclusive distribution in the UK. Defects were alleged. The case concerned applications made for dismissal of a case as an abuse of . .
  • Cited – Ansari and Another -v- Barclays Bank Plc CA (Bailii, [1997] EWCA Civ 3055)
    The appellant sought leave to appeal an order striking out their claim against the bank. There had been considerable litigation. They had executed charges supporting personal guarantees, in support of loan agreements in favour of the company of . .
  • Cited – Tilly -v- Hamleys of London Ltd, Essex County Council CA (Bailii, [1998] EWCA Civ 1767)
    The claimant had brought an action against the shop. She had been stopped on leaving when a library book caused the anti-theft alarm to go off. She and felt humiliated by the public way she was dealt with. Her claim in negligence had been dismissed, . .
  • Cited – Johnson -v- Gore Wood and Co (a Firm) CA (Bailii, [1998] EWCA Civ 1763, [1999] BCC 474)
    The claimant had previously issued a claim against the defendant solicitors through his company. He now sought to pursue a claim in his own name. It was resisted as an abuse of process, and on the basis that no personal duty of care was owed to the . .
  • Explained – Johnson -v- Gore Wood & Co HL (Gazette 05-Jan-01, House of Lords, Times 20-Dec-00, Gazette 22-Feb-01, Bailii, [2000] UKHL 65, [2001] 2 WLR 72, [2001] 1 All ER 481, [2002] 2 AC 31)
    A company brought a claim of negligence against its solicitors, and, after that claim was settled, the company’s owner brought a separate claim in respect of the same subject-matter.
    Held: It need not be an abuse of the court for a shareholder . .
  • Cited – Motorola Credit Corporation -v- Uzan and others (No 2) CA (Bailii, [2003] EWCA Civ 752, Times 19-Jun-03, Gazette 28-Aug-03, [2004] 1 WLR 113)
    World-wide freezing orders had been made under the 1982 Act. The defendants were members of a Turkish family with substantial business interests in the telecommunications industry. In breach of orders made in the US some defendants had sought to . .
  • Cited – The Sennar (No 2) HL ([1985] 1 WLR 490)
    The Henderson v Henderson principle should only be applied where it is clear (i) that the decision or determination relied on was made by a foreign court of competent jurisdiction and (ii) the decision upon the issue later sought to be raised is a . .
  • Cited – Anyanwu and Ebuzoeme -v- South Bank Students’ Union South Bank University CA (Bailii, [1999] EWCA Civ 1032)
    The applicants sought an extension of time to apply to set aside leave to appeal given to their opponents.
    Held: The cause of the respondent seemed weak, but raised a point of law which needed determination and the appeal should be allowed to . .
  • Cited – J A Pye (Oxford) Limited -v- South Gloucestershire District Council CA (Bailii, [2000] EWCA Civ 268)
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    Held: The appeal to the court . .
  • Cited – Barrow -v- Bankside Members Agency Limited CA (Times 10-Nov-95, [1996] 1 WLR 257)
    Mr Barrow was a member of an action group which had successfully sued a number of members’ agents for negligent underwriting. Having substantially succeeded, but recovered only a proportion of the damages he had claimed, Mr Barrow issued fresh . .
  • Approved – Yat Tung Investment Co Ltd -v- Dao Heng Bank Ltd PC ([1975] AC 581)
    Hong Kong – A company purchased a property from the defendant bank who had taken it back into possession from a former borrower. The company itself fell into arrears, the property was taken back again and resold. The company sought a declaration . .
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    The claimant had been engaged with his solicitor in a fraudulent land transaction. He now sought to sue the solicitor for negligence. The solicitor replied that the claimant was unable to rely upon his own unlawful act to make a claim.
    Held: . .
  • Applied – Arnold -v- National Westminster Bank Plc HL ([1991] 2 AC 93, [1991] 3 All ER 41, [1991] 2 WLR 1177)
    Tenants invited the court to construe the terms of a rent review provision in the sub-underlease under which they held premises. The provision had been construed in a sense adverse to them in earlier proceedings before Walton J, but they had been . .
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    Any choice of international law to govern an agreement to arbitrate should be express. . .
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    The university had imposed a new constitution on its students union, which resulted in the dismissal of the claimant. He sought to assert racial discrimination.
    Held: The concept of ‘aiding’ somebody in committing discriminatory behaviour . .
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    The doctrine of issue estoppel applies in Industrial Tribunal cases. . .
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  • Cited – Dimtsu -v- Westminster City Council EAT ([1991] IRLR 450)
    The EAT considered the application of the rule in Henderson v Henderson in Employment Appeal Tribunal proceedings.
    Knox J said: ‘The majority is fortified in the view expressed so far by three further considerations. First, this jurisdiction . .
  • Cited – Campbell -v- Leeds United Association Football Misc (Bailii, [2009] EW Misc 4 (EWCC))
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    Held: The . .
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    Held: The appeal against the stay succeeded. The new case had been flagged up . .
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    In April 2009, the Claimant, who was then 77 years of age, was employed by the Respondent, when he was laid off without pay. While still being employed by . .
  • Mentioned – Ramzan -v- Brookwide Ltd CA (Bailii, [2011] EWCA Civ 985)
    The defendant had broken through into a neighbour’s flying freehold room, closed it off, and then included it in its own premises for let. It now appealed against the quantum of damages awarded. The judge had found the actions deliberate and with a . .
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    Held: Where the defendant had changed its trading style during the proceedings it was possible, if the claimant . .
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    The claimant sought damages after an explosion at the defender’s nearby premises damaged its shop. The defender said that the claim was out of time, and now appealed against a decision that time had not begun to run under the 1973 Act.
    Held: . .

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