Hawley v Luminar Leisure Ltd and others: CA 24 Jan 2006

The claimant was assaulted and severely injured at a night club by a doorman supplied to the club by a third party company now in liquidation. He claimed the club was the ‘temporary deemed employer’ of the doorman. He also sought to claim under the insurance policy of the security company for an ‘accidental bodily injury’.
Held: Viasystems had decided that dual responsibility was sometimes possible, but this case was not such: ‘it would not be appropriate to attribute vicarious liability to both ASE and Luminar. In this case, there has been effectively and substantially a transfer of control and responsibility from ASE to Luminar.’ Liability under a policy has to be viewed from the perspective of the insured. The appeals were dismissed, and the club were responsible.

Latham, Neuberger, Hallett LJJ
[2006] EWCA Civ 18, [2006] IRLR 817, [2006] PIQR P17, [2006] Lloyd’s Rep IR 307
Civil Liability (Contribution Act) 1978 81(1)
England and Wales
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Employers Liability for Worker’s Negligence
A worker was injured by a negligently driven crane. The crane and Board’s driver were hired out to stevedores for loading work. The stevedores controlled the crane’s operations, but did not direct how the driver controlled the crane. The hire . .
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The defendants had subcontracted work installing air conditioning to the second defendants, who in turn bought in fitters from the third defendants. A fitter caused a flood acting irresponsibly.
Held: The court reviewed the law of vicarious . .
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Partners Liable for Dishonest Act of Solicitor
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Held: The acts complained of were so close to . .
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A husband had accidentally shot and killed his wife’s lover after threatening him with a shotgun.
Held: The court confirmed the decision at first instance. He was not liable to be indemnified by his insurers for the losses claimed against him . .
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A death which occurred after inhaling vomit whilst drunk is not a ‘bodily injury; and there was no liability under the relative insurance policy. . .
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The victim of an unlawful act of a driver off-road sought damages from another driver and his insurers. The insurers refused to pay.
Held: There is a balance to be found between the statutory purpose of compulsory motor insurance and the . .
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Viscount Haldane LC said: ‘the construction of the Act ought to be more liberal as regards the claims of the workman than would be the case if the Act were construed with the closeness which distinguishes the construction of words in a contract such . .
Appeal fromHawley v Luminar Leisure Plc and Others QBD 10-Jan-2005
The claimant had been assaulted by a doorman at a club operated by the defendants. The doorman was supplied by a security company, which was now in liquidation. The insolvent company’s insurers had declined indemnity. . .

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See AlsoHawley v Luminar Leisure Plc Ase Security Services Limited, Mann CA 1-Feb-2006
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CitedBiffa Waste Services Ltd and Another v Maschinenfabrik Ernst Hese Gmbh and others CA 12-Nov-2008
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CitedJGE v The Portsmouth Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust CA 12-Jul-2012
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CitedThe Catholic Child Welfare Society and Others v Various Claimants and The Institute of The Brothers of The Christian Schools and Others SC 21-Nov-2012
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