Harris Primary Academy Philip Lane (Education): ICO 25 Sep 2020

The complainant has requested information about students’ authorised absences from Harris Primary Academy Philip Lane (‘the Academy’). The Academy released information falling within the scope of the request, but the complainant considers the Academy holds further relevant information. The Commissioner’s decision is as follows: On the balance of probabilities, the Academy holds no further information relevant to the request and has complied with section 1(1) of the FOIA. The Academy breached section 10(1) of the FOIA as it did not release the relevant information it holds within 20 working days of the request. The Commissioner does not require the Academy to take any remedial steps.
FOI 10: Complaint upheld FOI 1: Complaint not upheld


[2020] UKICO IC-45761-G3D4




England and Wales


Updated: 31 July 2022; Ref: scu.656049