Haringey London Borough Council (Decision Notice): ICO 26 Mar 2013

The complainant has requested information about a contract the public authority has for the supply of staff. The public authority has provided some information but has withheld the remainder citing section 43(2) of the FOIA. The Commissioner’s decision is that the public authority was only entitled to withhold a small amount of the information under section 43(2). Having found the contract to include some ‘personal data’; he also considered this but found that section 40(2) was not engaged. He also found procedural breaches. The Commissioner requires the public authority to disclose the information requested except for some pricing details in Schedules Two, Three, Four, Fifteen and Seventeen, and some personal data in Schedule One.
Section of Act/EIR and Finding: FOI 40 – Complaint Partly Upheld, FOI 43 – Complaint Partly Upheld

[2013] UKICO FS50462682
England and Wales


Updated: 06 December 2021; Ref: scu.528091