Hall and Another v Bull and Another: Misc 4 Jan 2011

(Bristol County Court) The claimants, homosexual partners in a civil partnership, sought damages after being refused a stay at the bed and breakfast hotel operated by the defendants, who said that this was their home, and that they were committed Christians.
Held: The claim succeeded. Rutherford J said: ‘The defendants’ right to have their private and family life and their home respected is inevitably circumscribed by their decision to use their home in part as an hotel. The regulations do not require them to take into their home (that is the private part of the hotel which they occupy) persons such as the claimants and arguably therefore do not affect the article 8 rights of the defendants.’ and ‘on a proper analysis of the defendants’ practice, the prohibition on a double room for those in a civil partnership is founded on sexual orientation. What is meant by the wording of Regulation 3(3)(d). The defendants have got to show that a practice which I have found to be based on sexual orientation can nevertheless be reasonably justified by reference to some other matters.’


Rutherford J


[2011] EW Misc 2 (CC)




Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007, Council Directive 2000/78/EC


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Held: The . .

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Appeal FromBull and Bull v Hall and Preddy CA 10-Feb-2012
The appellants owned a guesthouse. They appealed from being found in breach of the Regulations. They had declined to honour a booking by the respondents of a room upon learning that they were a homosexual couple. The appellants had said that they . .
At County CourtBull and Another v Hall and Another SC 27-Nov-2013
The court was asked ‘Is it lawful for a Christian hotel keeper, who sincerely believes that sexual relations outside marriage are sinful, to refuse a double-bedded room to a same sex couple?’ The defendants (Mr and Mrs Bull) appealed against a . .
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