Grzelczyk v Centre public d’aide sociale d’Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve: ECJ 20 Sep 2001

ECJ Reference for a preliminary ruling: Tribunal du travail de Nivelles – Belgium. Articles 6, 8 and 8a of the EC Treaty (now, after amendment, Articles 12 EC, 17 EC and 18 EC) – Council Directive 93/96/EEC – Right of residence for students – National legislation which guarantees a minimum subsistence allowance only for nationals, persons covered by Regulation (EEC) No 1612/68 and stateless persons and refugees – Foreign student who has met his own living expenses during the first years of his studies.
One member state could not apply conditions for the grant of benefits to students to citizens of other member states which it did not apply to its own nationals. A citizen of the European Union, lawfully resident in the territory of a host member state, could rely on article 6 of the Treaty in all situations which fell within the scope ratione materiae of Community law, including the exercise of the right conferred by article 8a to move and reside freely in another member state. This applied even though otherwise benefits for students had been ruled to be outside the scope of this regulation.


GC Rodriguez Iglesias, President and Judges C. Gulmann, M. Wathelet, V. Skouris, D. A. O. Edward, P. Jann, L. Sevon, R. Schintgen and F. Macken Advocate General S. Alber


Times 16-Nov-2001, [2001] EUECJ C-184/99, C-184/99, [2003] All ER (EC) 385, [2001] ECR I-6193






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