Green v The London General Omnibus Company (Limited): 18 Nov 1859

A corporation aggregate may be liable to an action for intentional acts of misfeasance by its servants, provided they are sufficiently connected with the scope and object of its incorporation. Therefore, in an action against a company established for conveying passengers by omnibuses in the streets of London, charging that the company by its servants wrongfully, vexatiously, and maliciously did certain acts (describing them) with a view to, and which in the result did, obstruct and annoy the plaintiff’ in the conduct of a similar trade :- Held, that, as the acts complained of were connected with the object and purpose for which the company was incorporated the company was responsible.


[1859] EngR 999, (1859) 7 CB NS 290, (1859) 144 ER 828




England and Wales

Torts – Other, Company

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