Gordon and Scottish Ministers: SIC 16 Aug 2013

Scotland’s position in the EU post-independence: request to the Law Officers for advice – On 5 March 2013, Mr Gordon asked the Scottish Ministers (the Ministers) for the Scottish Government’s submissions to the Law Officers for legal advice regarding an independent Scotland’s position within the EU. The Ministers withheld the information under the exemptions in sections 29(1)(c) (provision of advice or request for the provision of advice by the Law Officers) and 36(1) of FOISA (legal professional privilege).
Following an investigation, the Commissioner was satisfied that the Ministers had properly applied section 29(1)(c) of FOISA and so the information was exempt from disclosure.

[2013] ScotIC 178 – 2013

Scotland, Information

Updated: 21 November 2021; Ref: scu.516069