Google and Alphabet v Commission (Google Shopping) (Competition – Abuse of Dominant Position – Online General Search Services and Specialised Product Search Services – Judgment): ECFI 10 Nov 2021

Search Engine Leveraging Abuse

Competition – Abuse of dominant position – Online general search services and specialised product search services – Decision finding an infringement of Article 102 TFEU and Article 54 of the EEA Agreement – Leveraging abuse – Competition on the merits or anticompetitive practice – Conditions of access by competitors to a dominant undertaking’s service the use of which cannot be effectively replaced – Dominant undertaking favouring the display of results from its own specialised search service – Effects – Need to establish a counterfactual scenario – None – Objective justifications – None – Possibility of imposing a fine having regard to certain circumstances – Guidelines on the method of setting fines – Unlimited jurisdiction


T-612/17, [2021] EUECJ T-612/17, ECLI:EU:T:2021:763






Updated: 30 November 2022; Ref: scu.670020