Good v Parry: CA 1963

A letter discussed first the writer’s proposed purchase of the house (offering andpound;1,350 subject to contract), and continued: ‘The question of outstanding rent can be settled as a separate agreement as soon as you present your account.’
Held: The letter did not to constitute an acknowledgment of the landlord’s claim for rent.
Lord Denning MR said that the sentence meant ‘there may be some rent outstanding and it can be made the subject of an agreement as soon as you present your account’ and concluded: ‘Such being the meaning of it, I am quite satisfied there is no acknowledgment, because there is no admission of any rent of a defined amount due, or of any amount that can be ascertained by calculation. The amount is uncertain altogether. Nor can I regard it as a promise to pay whatever amount may be found due on taking an account. The tenant clearly reserves the right to examine it and not to be bound except by separate agreement.’
Davies LJ thought that ‘the letter did not acknowledge the claim; it only acknowledged that there might be a claim.’
Danckwerts LJ regarded the letter as ‘merely . . . an admission that there may be some possible justified claim but no admission that there is such a debt in fact.’
Lord Denning MR, Danckwerts LJ, Davies LJ
[1963] 2 QB 418
England and Wales
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