Goldstein v Levy Gee ( A Firm): ChD 1 Jul 2003

There had been a dispute between shareholders, and the defendant was called upon to value the company. He issued a tender for valuers to value the properties. Complaint was made that the tender was negligent in its description of the basis for valuation.
Held: Part of the skills of a chartered accountant, especially one who is willing to undertake a valuation of shares, is the valuation of shares. The properties should not have been valued on a portfolio basis. Too great a deduction for contingent tax was allowed. A deduction for non-listed status was based on an error of principle, but was within the permissible range. He was not negligent in making a deduction to reflect a 75 per cent probability that the options would be exercised. The permissible range is between 50 and 75 per cent. The mean is 62.5 per cent. The valuation remained within the permissible range. Negligence would not be shown if the figure advised was within the range of permissible figures, even if it was reached negligently. Where a figure was made up of several others, a brackert was to calculated for each, not just for those involving negligence. No loss was shown and the action dismissed.


The Honourable Mr Justice Lewison


Gazette 11-Sep-2003, HC 02 C00884, [2003] EWHC 1574 (Ch), Times 16-Jul-2003




England and Wales


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