Golden Ocean Group Ltd v Salgaocar Mining Industries Pvt Ltd and Another: ComC 21 Jan 2011

The defendants sought to set aside orders allowing the claimants to serve proceedings alleging repudiation of a charterparty in turn allowing a claim against the defendants under a guarantee. The defendant said the guarantee was unenforceable under the 1677 Act not being in writing and signed.
Held: There was no limit to the number of documents to which reference is made to establish the agreement. The guidance in Timmins was not strictly applicable in construing an agreement as such rather than a memorandum of agreement. There was an arguable case since the documents might be read together.
Where a document is executed by an agent which records the terms of the sale, it is not necessary, in order to satisfy the Statute, that the agent should have been authorised to execute the document as a record of the transaction; but it is necessary that the document, which is a record of the transaction, is one that he is authorised to execute by the person sought to be charged. The e-mails which constitute the contract were sufficiently signed by the electronically printed signature of the persons who sent them. It was argued the document itended to be signed by both parties had not been so signed, and ‘The question is whether the charterparty was drawn up with the authority of SMI and records the terms of the guarantee; not whether Howe Robinson was authorised to draw it up as a record of the guarantee, nor whether Howe Robinson was authorised to sign it as a contract. In fact, however, it was drawn up and signed on behalf of the Owners.’ The claimant had an arguable claim that valid contracts existed, that the charter had been repudiated, and that the agreement did not fall foul of the 1677 Act. The claim being governed by English law, the English court could exercise jurisdiction.

Christopher Clarke J
[2011] EWHC 56 (Comm), [2011] 2 All ER (Comm) 95, [2011] 1 CLC 125, [2011] CILL 3022, [2011] 1 WLR 2575
Statute of Frauds 1677
England and Wales
DistinguishedTimmins v Moreland Street Property Co Ltd CA 1958
The Court considered the effect of a note or memorandum evidencing the sale of a property where it was described as ‘6,8 and 41, Boundary Street, Shoreditch (freehold).’ It was sought to connect the signature on a purchaser’s deposit cheque with an . .
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ALSmith LJ discussed the 1677 Act: ‘The object of the Statute was to prevent fraud and perjury by taking away the right to sue on certain agreements if only established by verbal evidence . . The object of the statute being merely to exclude parol . .
Mentioned as incorrectLaw v Jones 1974
A ‘subject to contract’ document might be evidence of an antecedent or oral contract and satisfy section 40 of the Law of Property Act 1925 if the stipulation was later waived. A memorandum or note must, if it is to be effective, not only state the . .
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“Subject to Contract” not to be diluted
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Held: . .
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Generally speaking a chartering broker has no actual authority to charter a ship: ‘A broker, or even an exclusive broker, is not in the shipping trade regarded as having authority to commit his principals without reference back to them.’ . .

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Appeal fromGolden Ocean Group Ltd v Salgaocar Mining Industries Pvt Ltd and Another CA 9-Mar-2012
The court was asked ‘whether a contract of guarantee is enforceable where contained not in a single document signed by the guarantor but in a series of documents duly authenticated by the signature of the guarantor. It is common in commercial . .

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